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Diabetic Ulcer Care and Healing

ll-natural silver oxide cream prevents infection and provides fast healing of diabetic ulcers & sores

The patented Electron-Active™ Silver Oxide in Terrasil™ Cream kills bacteria to prevent infection and increases blood flow to the wound site to promote rapid healing of ulcers, including diabetic foot and leg ulcers.

Page Contents

  1. An Overview of Diabetic Ulcers
  2. Importance of Rapid Ulcer Care and Healing
  3. Terrasil Science: Up to 40X More Powerful
  4. Formulated to Heal Ulcers Fast
  5. The Most Effective Ingredients
  6. Clinically Tested and Doctor Recommended
  7. Sample Success Stories
  8. Tested for Safety
  9. How to Use Terrasil Cream
  10. NO Dangerous Chemicals
  11. People Worldwide Trust Terrasil

An Overview of Diabetic Ulcers

An ulcer on the skin is where an area of skin has broken down and you can see the underlying tissue. Most skin ulcers occur on the lower legs or feet. Often, these are diabetic ulcers. The skin normally heals quickly if it is cut. However, in some people with diabetes the skin on the feet does not heal so well and is prone to develop an ulcer. This can be even after a mild injury such as stepping on a small stone in your bare feet. Ulcers progress in four stages, as classified by the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP) in the United States. Ulcers are marked by a breakdown of the tissue in ulcerated area, high risk of infection, and a LONG healing time.

Diabetic Leg and Foot Ulcer Pictures
Stage 1 Leg Ulcer Stage 2 Leg Ulcer
Stage 2-3 Foot Ulcer Stage 3-4 Foot Ulcer

Importance of Rapid Ulcer Care and Healing

With each stage that that a diabetic leg ulcer or foot ulcer progresses to, skin becomes more and more prone to infection. Necrosis (the erratic death of tissue) creates a breeding ground for bacteria. Infection is one of the greatest delays in the healing of a diabetic leg or foot ulcer. Preventing infection is a key step to the treatment of all wounds, sores and ulcers. Guidance by a medical professional can be essential.

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Terrasil Cream Kills Bacteria Up to 40 Times Faster

Terrasil is unsurpassed in its healing power. Several patents have been awarded for Terrasil's Electron-Active™ Silver Oxide. Silver and oxygen are two of earth's strongest natural germ killers.

For thousands of years, Silver has been used to control the growth of germs. Extensive research in recent years has documented that even the most aggressive strains of bacteria are unable to resist silver's natural ability to interrupt a bacteria’s ability to form chemical bonds, which are essential to its survival. These bonds are integral to the cell’s physical structure, so bacteria in the presence of silver essentially falls apart. Cells in humans and other animals have thick walls and are not disturbed by silver.

The Electron-Active™ Silver Oxide compound brings Silver and Oxygen together in a single molecule, which has been estimated to be up to 40 times more potent than simple silver or oxygen alone. So Terrasil can kill the underlying causes of infection faster (and safer) than anything else on the market.

Listen to a customer's experience using Terrasil to heal his wife's leg ulcer.

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Available in 14-gram or 44-gram jars, starting at just $24

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Terrasil is Formulated to Heal Ulcers FAST

The patented Electron-Active™ Silver Oxide and other ingredients in Terrasil promote rapid healing. When applied at any stage of an open ulcer, Terrasil immediately begins the healing process.


  • Electron-Active Silver Oxide promotes the growth of new healthy skin cells in three ways: a) An elevation in oxygen fosters the growth of tiny blood vessels that funnel in important nutrients and keeps existing blood vessels open. b) Oxygen also helps produce collagen, the main wound-repairing connective tissue in skin. c) Electron-Active Silver Oxide releases subtle electrical energy at the wound site, which studies have shown stimulates the growth of new cellular tissue.


  • Because Terrasil stimulates rapid growth of new skin tissue, scarring can be dramatically reduced or eliminated.


  • In addition to the Silver Oxide, other natural ingredients in Terrasil (Jojoba, Organic Beeswax and Essential Oil plant extracts) provide soothing relief on contact so the wound inflammation, pain and discomfort can be quickly reduced. Each of these natural ingredients have long histories of providing outstanding benefits in skin care.


  • The Electron-Active Silver Oxide kills bacteria on contact so your foot or leg ulcer can begin to heal faster. Extensive research has shown that Silver and Oxygen are two of earth's strongest natural germ killers. The Patented Silver Oxide combines these two powerful elements in a single molecule.

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The Most Effective Ingredients

Why put harsh chemicals and synthetic drugs on your sensitive skin? Terrasil combines only the finest all-natural ingredients to soothe and protect your skin.

  • Silver has been known for thousands of years as one of earth's strongest natural germ-killers. The silver in Terrasil is substantially more powerful than common silver so it stops infection fast. This is an essential first step in healing ulcers.

  • Oxygen stimulates the flow of blood to the wound site, bringing life-giving nutrients that promote the rapid growth of new skin cells, closing up open leg and foot ulcers and preventing scarring. Several important studies have documented the important role of oxygen in wound healing.

  • Jojoba oil (pronounced ho-ho-ba) is an outstanding moisturizer that reduces itching fast.

  • Organic Beeswax in Terrasil reduces inflammation and provides soothing relief for open wounds.

  • Essential oil plant extracts remove toxins and speed healing.

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Available in 14-gram or 44-gram jars, starting at just $24

New Terrasil MAX formula has 3x the silver oxide -
more serious wounds

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Clinically Tested and Doctor Recommended

Clinically tested and doctor recommended, non-prescription Terrasil goes to work immediately to healing diabetic leg and foot ulcers. Two studies each demonstrated that Terrasil begins to produce visible improvement within 1-2 days.

Below is an artist's illustration of the Silver Oxide molecules (blue specks) going after the bacteria that can cause infection. Upon contact, the Patented Electron-Active Silver Oxide molecules begin neutralizing these germs so your skin can begin returning to normal.

Tested for Safety

The Electron-Active Silver Oxide has undergone extensive testing to determine its safety for human use, as well as its effectiveness killing germs. Testing was performed by 14 independent laboratories, which concluded its safety. In addition, the US EPA also found the silver oxide to be entirely safe for continuous exposure to skin.

How to Use Terrasil Cream for Healing Diabetic Leg and Foot Ulcers

  • Clean the ulcer well. Repeat at least once daily, removing dead tissue if possible.
  • Apply a moderate amount directly into the affected area. If the ulcer is in an early stage and not deep, rub Terrasil in until it disappears. It is generally quite safe to use Terrasil in open wounds. Continue three or more times daily until the ulcer is completely healed.
  • Use as much of the cream as needed. For deep or large ulcers several jars of Terrasil may be needed.
  • After applying the cream, cover with a sterile gauze or bandage.
  • Goes on smooth and begins to work right away.
  • Safe and non-irritating.
  • Can be used on all skin types, for all ages and at any stage of ulcer.
  • Read general precautions.

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NO Dangerous Chemicals

  • Terrasil has NO reported side effects, so it can be used safely with confidence.
  • Germs can NOT develop resistance to Terrasil, so it will work every time you need it.
  • Will not dry out your skin.

People Worldwide Trust Terrasil

With thousands of customers worldwide, feedback from individuals and doctors strongly suggest that the combination of ingredients in Terrasil supports the body’s ability to successfully heal wounds FAST. And in spite of a RISK FREE 30-DAY GUARANTEE, less than 1% of customers ask for a refund.

Don't suffer another day. Get Terrasil and start healing today!

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Available in 14-gram or 44-gram jars, starting at just $24

New Terrasil MAX formula has 3x the silver oxide -
more serious wounds

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